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At Spatopia, we define ourselves as an independent spa media entity. We aim to appeal to the senses in a multifaceted manner through various media tools. Conducing the individual to a relaxing journey towards the exclusive territories of Spa that provide tranquility and restful moments in life is what we intend to do across all our content channels. We believe that the significance of self-care should be borne in mind in these rush times of the Spirit of Age, and sometimes, we do the reminding. We embrace the grace and aesthetics of nature as our scenery. We like creating nostalgia with historical textures and breathing in beautiful interiors and designs. We reconnect individuals with the immense world of Spa, encircling and lightening them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and opening the doors of care moments to them in a comfortable and serene way, and we believe that everyone should live this experience to the greatest extent possible.

What Do We Aim for?

As Spatopia, we aim to remind the individual of the holistic effects of the comprehensive aspects of Spas which have adopted an eminent concept in Turkey and other countries all around the world, such as the architecture, ambiance, treatments and retreat programs, products, equipment and culinary, to expand individuals’ perceptions of Spa and we intend to guide them towards its majestic array.

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