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The phrase of ‘to be busy’ should be one of the keywords of the period we live in. Though it is not clear whether it's due to the spirit of the age or for the ominous coolness of being busy, it is unfortunately an overt state of living for almost all of us.

Having been stuck in an intensely busy course of life, without being able to catch up and constantly running after something, unable to make some time for yourselves and even forgetting who you are... It doesn't sound very fun, does it? Then, let's change it! 

Let’s talk about the menu and ambiance of Richmond Nua, Turkey's First and Only Destination Spa, which has been awarded the World Luxury Spa Awards for 10 years in a row (and you’ll find at the end of the article a discount to cheer us up). 

Nua is located in Sapanca, sufficiently far from the chaos of Istanbul; yet still close enough to Istanbul as a very ideal option to get away from it. And if you have never been to Sapanca, you surely will fall in love with this small town located very close to your city. It has a magnificent greenery and a beautiful large lake. Even this combination of blue and green can be deemed a good enough reason for relaxation. 

But it's not the best part of Richmond Nua. With the variety and diversity of its Spa menu, personalized Wellness programs, healthy diets, expert therapists, and refined experience designs devised to appeal to all senses promise a wonderful self-care ritual. At Nua, you will find both traditional and modern spaces that you can enjoy depending on your mood. 

Nua, having been awarded almost every year and as one of the best equipped Spa properties in Europe, is an outstanding option for healing and breaking free from the stimuli of the outside world. Nua describes herself with the following phrase that we find admirably well-suited to her: Richmond Nua is a unique address. But this is not just a location. For us, Richmond Nua is a way of life free of space and time. A mindset that is always with you. An awareness of making better choices for your life. 

Nua actually underlines a substantial and special point about Spa experiences. Spa experiences are these journeys we take and they are not instantaneous. This sentiment we experience in the Moment is truly unparalleled, but what is more important is the awareness it brings to our lives. Every conscious we experience on that journey will accompany us throughout our lives (just like our every other unforgettable journey). Therefore, we do not see Spa experiences as just a ‘getaway’; we see it as an investment we make in our lives, in our bodies, minds, and souls. Maybe to meet the calm and serene part of ourselves and to invite him/her to our daily lives more…

With this little note, let's return to Nua. 

For Physical and Spiritual Rest: 'Nua Relax'

Since we know the significance of these journeys and we truly believe that they should be taken at certain intervals, we thought it would be elating to cooperate with one of our favorite centers in the country and to help you benefit from this experience at a certain discount. For ‘Nua Relax’,  one of our favorite programs of Richmond Nua, we wanted to present you a gift of 20% discount with the ability to use within 3 months. Within this pleasant experience where you can go alone or together with one of your loved ones is covered: 

  • Chi Yang Body Care-75 min. 
  • Hot Stone Therapy-75 min. 
  • 1 Night Superior Room Accommodation and Breakfast, 

Several options to complete your self-care ritual, such as the use of equipped Spa areas including Jacuzzis, Steam Rooms, Turkish Bath, Sauna, Ice Room, Adventure Shower and Relaxation Rooms. 

We suggest that starting your Richmond Nua experience with Chi Yang would be a genuinely satisfactory choice. Chi Yang: It is a treatment where peeling is applied onto the body before the massage. Here, the body is lightly and relaxingly massaged with the oil consisting of 24 carat gold particles called “Golden Body Oil”, which is a great option to turn negative energy into positive. Hot Stone Massage is another therapy which is applied afterwards, and its origin is based on ancient shamans. It is defined as a combination of whole-body massage and energy works. Here, volcanic stones are arranged on chakra points in the body and supported by a relaxing massage. This therapy is useful for balancing your energy and provides you with extensive comfort. 

How Can I Register?

A 20% discount will be applied over the following strike-through prices, including weekdays and weekend options:

  • *On weekends, single person: instead of 4.805 ₺; 3.844 ₺, double person: instead of 7.360 ₺; 5.888 ₺
  • *For weekdays, single person: instead of 3.690 ₺; 2.952 ₺, double person: instead of 6.100 ₺; 4.880 ₺.

We should additionally kindly note that you must register within 1 month in order to benefit from the discounted use within 3 months. Please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information. Also, you may make a reservation by filling out the form. 

Looking forward to meeting you on our journeys towards ourselves…

Thank you very much for your interest. Unfortunately, the term of offer has expired.

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