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Chakra Balancing and Benefits


The seven chakras are the seven instruments that uniquely orchestrate the energetic symphony of our being... They work in perfect harmony to help us live a life of balance, vitality and health. But sometimes, just like any other instrument, our chakras can get out of tune due to dynamics that affect our inner process.

This can cause physical, mental and spiritual imbalances that can lead to many discomforts in our well-being, from emotional fluctuations to depression and chronic pain. It is therefore essential that our chakras are aligned and balanced for optimal health, clarity and connection.

In this article, we dive a little deeper into the world of chakras and discover the benefits of harnessing the power of our chakra centers...

What is a Chakra?

Chakras, which means “wheel” in Sanskrit, refer to the seven main energy centers that span from the top of our head along our spine. 

Originating in India, chakras date back to 1500 BC. The first written records are found in the Vedas, ancient yogic and spiritual texts. In this context, the chakra system is closely related to Ayurveda.

Each of our seven chakras has a unique frequency and aura, representing a different color of the rainbow. Just as how the blood pumped by our heart is transmitted to our other organs, our chakras swirl like a vortex, distributing our life energy to the parts of our body, emotions and consciousness to which they are connected.

Why Do Chakras Become Unbalanced?

Our chakras, which give flow to our energetic body, are like vortices of energy that swirl and vibrate in harmony with the rhythm of life. Their vibrant nature makes them sensitive to the ebb and flow of the internal and external energies they come into contact with. So be it the weight of worldly affairs or the workings and changes in our inner world, our chakras are naturally affected by the movement and lack of movement of the energies they interact with.

Our chakras are also like invisible bridges that connect our physical form to our spiritual essence. They reflect our physical life into our spiritual and mental being. And vice versa. This means that everything we internalize in our flow, from our experiences to our emotional traumas and daily stressors, can cause an imbalance in our chakras.

What Does ‘Imbalance’ Mean?

Imbalance in our chakras can manifest in various ways, such as energy flow slowing down (hypoactivity), being passive (blockage) or becoming higher than necessary (hyperactive). 

When a chakra is slowed down, it cannot provide enough energy to its area, as if a dam has been built in front of it. When it is blocked, it loses all of its cyclic power and brakes down. This makes it difficult or impossible to express the qualities associated with that chakra. Also, in both cases, the ability of these chakras to connect with other chakras gets interrupted, making it challenging for the free flow of energy within our being and the nourishment of our biofield.

It is similarly unhealthy when our chakras are hyperactive. Just as a plant needs the right amount of water and sunlight to grow, our chakras need a certain frequency of energy to function optimally. Therefore, too much energy in one chakra leads to an excess or a kind of energy insatiability in our emotional, cognitive and physical characteristics governed by that chakra. This negatively affects the harmonic flow of our life energy.

For example, when the solar plexus chakra is blocked or slowed down, we may experience feelings of fear, anxiety and lack of self-confidence. Excessive energy flow on the other hand can lead us to take irresponsible initiatives and develop an impatient and perfectionistic streak. Continued imbalance can spread to the other chakras, eventually driving us into selfishness, narcissism and distancing ourselves from both our essential self and universal unity.

In short, we can think of our chakras as a delicate interconnected network, each affecting the other. Therefore, even an imbalance in a single chakra can create a ripple effect throughout our life energy, inviting more serious, permanent health problems in our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

What are Chakra Balancing Methods?

Aligning and balancing the chakras is critical for the healthy and harmonious functioning of our body-mind-spirit aspects. However, this is not as simple as treating a finger cut. Because chakras exist on the subtle plane, not in the physical realm, and we cannot see or touch them as tangible entities. Instead, we need to embrace energy healing journeys to balance our chakras. 

Today we can experience many practices that address imbalances in our chakras, from Reiki to craniosacral therapy. Some treatments, such as Shirodhara for our third eye chakra, are more effective in balancing certain chakras. On the other hand, yogic exercises like Tantra Yoga, meditative practices including Theta healing, Qi Gong, Thai massage, acupuncture, sound therapies, Ayurvedic therapies and shamanic healing focus on bringing holistic health to our entire chakra system based on our energy map, called the “nervous system” in modern medicine, which was drawn thousands of years before science. There are also chakra balancing therapies that combine ancient healing methods with Western medicine. Such as light therapies, core energetics and biofeedback... 

Many chakra balancing therapies are experienced with a variety of materials specific to our chakras, such as crystals, herbs and aromatherapy oils; while some are accompanied by breathing exercises, sound therapies like Tibetan singing bowls, some by the healing power of water or massage touches. 'Chakra alignment/balancing therapy', for example, uses sacred mantras and crystal healing in addition to guided meditation to help us achieve a state of balance and harmony. Ayurvedic marma therapy combines crystal and light therapies with gentle massage techniques and healing herbal oils. The Temazcal ritual is experienced in a bath heated with hot stones and infused with herbs, where we perform meditative exercises accompanied by ancient Mayan chants. Shiatsu massage, which originated in Japan, is a method of chakra balancing that, like acupuncture, uses dry, slightly firm pressures. 

In short, chakra balancing therapies have a vast repertoire, which take us on sui-generis journeys according to our individual qualities. Though, whatever the form, these therapies can help us tap into the infinite energy of the universe, regain mental clarity and maintain optimal physical health, as long as they are in tune with our essence.

If you would like to learn more about energy healing therapies that help balance our chakras, you can also take a look at our article “Energy Healing in Spas”.

How Do Chakra Balancing Therapies Help Us?

Strengthens Our Foundation

The Root (Muladhara) Chakra, located at the bottom of our spine, is associated with our stability, sense of security and grounding. In our body, it represents the health of our hips and legs, bones and adrenal glands.

The source of our resilience and immunity comes from our foundation, our root chakra. If our root chakra is not in balance, we feel like we are standing on a slippery slope. We find ourselves hesitating every step we take or making decisions that are not in alignment with our true self. We become alienated from nature and even our own space, and tend to worry too much about or become overly attached to our basic needs. This can be reflected in our bodies with immune and digestive problems, imbalances in the prostate gland, leg and foot pain.

A balanced root chakra makes us feel present, grounded and safe. When this chakra is realigned through chakra balancing methods, we stand tall and strong like a rooted tree, no longer easily swayed by the winds of life. This gives us the space to trust more in the unique light of our being and our power to survive. Thus we move forward with determination on the path true to our essence, in a resilient body that allows us to grow both spiritually and mentally.

Revives our Creative Power

Our Sacral (Svadhishthana) Chakra, located below the navel, is responsible for igniting our inner power, releasing our creative flow and nurturing our emotional expression. In our body, it is connected to our reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder and lymphatic circulatory system.

When this chakra is out of balance, life is like a canvas that we don't know how to fill, because our emotions seem to be trapped inside... We become unable to project our feelings to our senses in the way that comes from within, we feel a constant fear of being judged and betrayed, or we grow addicted to emotional attention. We may also experience circulatory and digestive problems, back and kidney pain or reproductive health issues like menstrual problems.

Chakra balancing treatments help us to re-embrace our unique creative power. When our sacral chakra is in balance, the doors of our imagination reopen to our self and illuminate our senses. This allows us to express our emotions in a way that is true to who we are, to be open to new experiences and new people without fear of rejection, and to develop more genuine, meaningful and deep relationships with those we care about. We feel more passionate about life and can fill our canvas with the shapes and shades our soul desires.

Helps us to Live Authentically

Our Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra, located in the upper abdomen, governs our feelings of willpower, acceptance and self-confidence and is associated with our digestive system, pancreas and muscular system. 

This chakra is the key to living in harmony with our true self. Yes, our physical body inevitably interfaces with the world around us. But if we focus too much on the “standards” of the outside world and ignore our uniqueness, we become mere passengers in our own bodies. This can lead to an imbalance in our solar plexus chakra, causing a lot of emotional turmoil within us, from lack of willpower to fear of criticism. We may likewise become more prone to physical conditions such as liver and pancreas problems, digestive issues, chronic fatigue and muscle aches and pains.

Chakra balancing therapies help rebalance our solar plexus chakra, laying the path for us to accept ourselves as we are. This leads to an increase in optimism, confidence and courage, bringing us closer to our inner power. Because we realize that we may not have control over all aspects of our lives, but we do have the power to choose how we live with them. We become aware of our personal limitations and gain insight into what we can do about our strengths and weaknesses. Thus, we see more clearly the person we want to be, feel more confident in taking the initiatives we intend to take, and remain calm with the belief that we can try again even if the outcome is unfavorable. A balanced solar plexus chakra allows us to embody our true self and live in accordance with our essence.

Aligns Our Inner World with the World Outside

Located at the very center of our link with Mother Earth and universal wisdom, our Heart (Anahata) Chakra represents all forms of love. It affects the blood circulation and respiratory systems in our body and the health of our heart, arms and hands.

A balanced heart chakra envelops our soul with harmony, compassion and gratitude. But if it is out of balance, we begin to see our self and everything around us from a gloomy perspective. This invites self-judgment, anger and resentment towards past experiences and the present. We are also likely to move away from the spontaneity of flow and show controlling and self-centered tendencies. All of these feelings can manifest in our physique with symptoms such as chest problems, asthma, allergies, arm and wrist pains, back and shoulder issues.

When our heart chakra is rebalanced, we return to holistic harmony and balance. Aligning this chakra, which is located at the “heart” of our lower and upper chakras, with balancing healings helps us realize that earthly and ethereal powers are reflected in our being in perfect synergy. We recognize that turning inward also means connecting with both mother nature and the universal source. With the awareness that all existence meets in immanent love, we open ourselves to the flow of love inherent in our essence. Thus, we look at our self and the world around us with a more loving, understanding and compassionate outlook.

Reveals Our True Voice

Our Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra, located in the middle of our throat, is the door that connects our inner world to our voice. It enables us to express ourselves authentically and healthily, set appropriate boundaries for our self-esteem and communicate truthfully with others. In our body, it governs the throat area and the health of our thyroid, neck and shoulders. 

When this chakra is out of balance, a wall rises at the point where our emotions and thoughts meet our voice. We struggle to express ourselves for fear of criticism and rejection, or we find ourselves stuck in silence or trying to speak in ways that don't represent who we are. This blockage or "overtime work" of our throat can manifest in our body through thyroid, respiratory and neck disorders.

Chakra balancing therapies, on the other hand, invite our throat chakra to its optimal function, giving us the space to tap into our innate ability to speak with love and truth. When this chakra is balanced, our power to attune our language with our essence is amplified. Thus, we begin to pay attention to our words and express ourselves with an honesty that is true to our inner world. We also become more open to listening to others, given our regained awareness of our boundaries and values, and build harmonious relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. This balanced communication leads to increased self-esteem as we learn to trust our own creativity and ideas. Balancing our throat chakra unlocks our voice, allowing us to create a reality in tune with our true self.

Connects Us to Our Intuition

Our Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra, located on our forehead, right between our eyes, represents our intuitive vision and influences our ability to listen to our insight and manage our thoughts. So if we start listening to the voices of our mind distracting us from the moment instead of our inner voice, this chakra becomes imbalanced. And when this happens, the difference between reality and illusion gets blurred, prompting us to feel more pessimistic, unresolved and skeptical. In our body, because this chakra governs our eye health, face and pineal gland, its imbalance can lead to eye strain, blurred vision, sinus problems and chronic headaches.

Third eye chakra balancing therapies like Shirodhara allow us to see the present moment as it is and focus our thoughts with clarity. With a clear mind, we become aware of our intuition, because now the voice of our insight is louder than the selfish and pessimistic ego. It becomes easier to access our inner wisdom and gain a deeper understanding of our being. We realize that our intuition will show us the best path for us and we trust her guidance. This helps us feel more in flow and safe, which in turn enables us to tenderly release thoughts and feelings that are stuck inside us. With the insights we gain, we develop a better understanding of our own functioning, begin to see more clearly into the future, and feel better equipped to make the best decisions for ourselves. When our Ajna chakra is in balance, it gives us the space to create a more hopeful, yet realistic life.

Enables Us to Meet the Infinite Source

Our Crown (Sahastrara) Chakra, located at the crown of our head, is the gateway between us and the spirit of the universe. It governs our power to connect with the higher self and the universal source. Accordingly, it is connected to the pituitary, cerebral cortex and central nervous system in our physical structure.

So when this chakra is blocked, we feel aimless, disconnected and unenergized. When it works too much, we become detached from reality, turning our lives into a kind of fantasy world. Thus, imbalance of this chakra can cause us to feel depressed and detached from our true selves, and we can become hypersensitive to environmental stimuli, with factors such as intense headaches.

Rebalancing our crown chakra, on the other hand, allows us to reconnect with the endless energy source of the universe and access its infinite wisdom. This is because it becomes easier for us to accept that energy is a whole and that we, like every other living being, are a part of it. Being aware of the oneness we share with the universe makes it possible for us to touch the spiritual world. This in turn lets us carefully discern the purpose of our higher consciousness and better understand our role in the world. When we open ourselves to the infinite source, the energy that flows into our subtle body spreads throughout our entire body, from our head to our foundation, and we feel holistically realigned. Having our crown chakra in balance allows us to unlock the supreme potential of our body-mind-spirit unity and create the life that best suits us.

Let us emphasize that the chakra balancing therapies mentioned above are only indicative examples. Indeed, each of us has our own unique life flow and inner balance. In this sense, neither is there a single “right” healing method for each of our chakras, nor the chakra balancing method that works for one of us may not be equally effective for the other. It would also be unrealistic to hope that the therapies we receive will work miracles the first time. Because energy healing, like any other therapy, reveals its efficacy with regular experience. Therefore, it would be valuable to explore different modalities to see which balancing healing resonates best with our essence and to continue with repetition through the method that suits us best. 

May we have moments full of love and peace, where balance comes to life in all our aspects...

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