Spa & Wellbeing

Chakra Balancing and Benefits

The seven chakras are the seven instruments that uniquely orchestrate the energetic symphony of our being... They work in... Read more
Spa & Wellbeing

An Essential Guide to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic ancient teaching advocating that each of us has a unique energy balance like a fingerprint.... Read more
Spa & Wellbeing

7 Wellbeing Tips for Teens

Developing a strong sense of wellbeing during the teenage years is one of the most valuable keys to living a healthy,... Read more
Spa & Wellbeing

How to Cope with Uncertainty?

Though much in the course of our lives is out of our control, the key to dealing with the uncertainties of the future lies... Read more
Spa & Wellbeing

How Can We Balance Our Feminine Energy?

Facing today’s unprecedented challenges, we need our feminine energy nurturing inner values such as intuition, harmony,... Read more

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