An Architectural Wonder Defying Gravity: Heaven & Hell Relaxation

Located in the heart of the Italian Dolomites, Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus is a haven of tranquility that has been pushing... Read more

Frequently Used Plants In Spas and Benefits

When we enter a Spa, the lush, vibrant plants that surround the space feel quite striking, aren’t they? As one of the most... Read more

A Ryokan Rising Towards the Sky: Hoshinoya Tokyo

In the busy financial district of capital Tokyo, Hoshinoya Tokyo is a unique ryokan that blends the city’s modernism with... Read more

A Wellness Journey in the Magical Eco-Design of Capella Ubud

There are often times that we feel the need to take on a revitalizing Spa & Wellness journey to “mute” the boisterous... Read more

7 Architectural Marvels in the Spa World

When it comes to spa centers, there are many businesses that come to mind, from boutique entities to dazzling centers with... Read more

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